Tanzania is a country located on the Indian Ocean in East Africa , is known for Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest mountain, and its famous game reserves. Tanzania comes from two words coined together Tanganyika and Zanzibar, with is a very vast country, has amazing wildlife, most of which is contained in national parks and game reserves.

Tanzania is a country located on the Indian Ocean in East Africa , is known for Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest mountain, and its famous game reserves.

What could be more exciting than travelling to some new place unknown to you and discovering all sorts of novel things that place has to offer? What could be more fascinating than the breath taking sceneries, rare wild animals, diversity of culture and so much more?

What would be the best way to spend a holiday or a vacation to feel completely relaxed and energized? In the beautiful country of Tanzania there is all that and so much more.

Believe it or not but Tanzania is gaining popularity in the tourism sector as it is one of the very popular tourist destinations worldwide. More and more tourists become attracted to come and visit this amazing country largely due to the fact that it is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, if not at all the most peaceful. This makes tourism safe for every tourist from outside the country and even from within the country. Moreover, Tanzania is the home of the tallest mountain in Africa, its national pride- Mount Kilimanjaro.

The beautiful tall mountain, whose cap is surprisingly covered in snow, is a magnificent sight. For the lovers of mountain climbing it presents a great challenge as this tall goddess is 5840m high. With the help of experienced and courageous tour guides, who will lead one through the safe paths, even amateurs can fulfill their long term dream of seeing the famous Uhuru torch at the top of the mountain.

Of course among the tourist attractions one cannot forget to mention the incredible Ngorongoro crater which is found in the town of Arusha. The crater is the host to many different  animal and plant species as well as a rare sight because it is filled with water which is only seen if one climbs at the very peak of the crater or flies over it in a jet. It looks as if God himself poured the water into the crater, so magnificent it looks.

The national parks are huge areas filled with exotic plants and animals. There is no better way to observe and discover nature in all its beauty than to take a trip to one of the multiple national parks and see the amazing animal life in all its beauty. Zebras and antelopes, giraffes and buffaloes, lions and leopards! One has to see this with their own eyes to believe that animal shows are not overpraising the beauty of African national parks. Among such are Mikumi national park, Serengeti national park, Manyara national park and so many others. At each of these the tourists will be comfortably accommodated within safe lodges in gorgeous safari style where they will be able to try local cuisine and feel at home while surrounded by wilderness.

The diversity of Tanzanian people and culture cannot be ignored. That is also one of the amazing things about Tanzania: it has so many different religions and tribes but yet all of them live in tolerance and peace. The tourists will be glad to discover different cultures, lifestyles, traditions and customs as well as note interesting details such as dressing styles, traditional dances, languages some of which are on the verge of extinction, traditional weddings and the like.

All in all, in this heavenly corner filled with golden beaches, sky blue waters, friendly people and magnificent sceneries, one could never regret a trip to Tanzania, a trip of their lifetime. Even the residents love to engage in tourism within their country because they appreciate the resources they have. And how can it be otherwise? It is truly a wonder land.